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The Right Window Cleaning Service at the Right Price

With the belief that owners and property managers would appreciate a more professional, service-oriented approach to building maintenance, United Building Services began 22 years ago.

We currently provide exterior building services in the Puget Sound area including:

  • window cleaning
  • pressure washing
  • caulking
  • glass restoration
  • waterproofing and sealing
  • exterior building inspections

In all, we are maintaining hundreds of medium to high-rise buildings each year. We have found that our customers benefit tremendously from the services that we offer.

Please take a moment to browse our site and feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Window cleaning services in Seattle

Investing in a residential or commercial building is not the last thing. As the owner, you need to enhance the overall appearance of the structure by taking are of the windows. Window cleaning is not an easy task especially for large buildings. You need professional window cleaning services from United Building services.

About United Building Services
Our firm was established in 1987 offering only cleaning services. Currently, the company is a general contractor specializing in many services among them maintenance of both commercial and residential buildings. Our main priority is to satisfy our clients by giving them our best. This way, we are able to create long-term relationships with our clients. We serve about 500 companies in the Tri State area.

Why choose United Building window cleaning services?
1. Our employees are experienced and trained according to the OSHA safety requirements.
2. We offer you with professional and high quality window cleaning services
3. We conform to all city, state, federal code and regulations.
4. We work around the clock hence our window cleaning services are reliable.
5. We observe time efficiency giving you a fast window cleaning service.
6. We keep track of all our services by contacting our clients to ensure they are satisfied.
7. Our window cleaning services rates are reasonable and affordable.

Our window cleaning program consists of the following features

  • Documentation of etched glass
  • Restoration of glass
  • Using natural cleaners to clean the windows
  • Removal of tape, and all other foreign particles on your windows like grease and dust
  • Wiping down sills
  • Avoid incurring additional costs on broken windows resulting from hiring poor window cleaning services. Do you want your windows to be left sparkling? For window cleaning in Seattle call United Building Services at (212-533-4141).

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Exterior Building Services

United Building Services provides exterior building services in the Puget Sound area. We are maintaining hundreds of medium to high-rise buildings each year and have found that our customers benefit tremendously from all of the services that we offer.

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Waterproofing and Sealing

The application of waterproofing and sealing materials to the exterior surfaces can help reduce the damage caused by the Pacific Northwest’s climate. It can also prevent the unsightly staining that occurs by the leeching of materials from the surface of many buildings.

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Exterior Building Inspection

Exterior building inspection is a vital part of building maintenance. By early detection of cracks in granite or the deterioration of caulking and mortar, we can help prevent serious damage to both the interior and the exterior of a building.

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